The four British foodies who run Sorted Food have used their YouTube channel to explore a number of different culinary experiments. They’ve built a chocolate cake in a mug, turned the “Double Rainbow” video into a foodstuff, and attempted to recreate the addictive chicken recipe from Nando’s. For their latest project, the Sorted Food guys are out to build a hamburger the entire Internet can get behind, and they’ve enlisted the help of some of their YouTuber friends along the way.

Sorted Food’s Burger Quest began in October when they posted a video announcing their plan to find the Internet’s ultimate hamburger. This process involved a lot of “research” which entailed visits to various burger restaurants around London. Warning: Do not watch this video on an empty stomach.

With their Burger Quest underway, Sorted Food launched a web series called #BeatMyBurger, in which they ask YouTubers about their favorite burger ideas and then turn those ideas into reality. They began with the Mexican-inspired burger of Jim Chapman‘s dreams before moving on to a sushi burger championed by Fleur de Force. Their most recent iteration of the burger is the “Hella-big Burger“, which is inspired by Grace Helbig and features fried potatoes for patties and a whole fried egg.

Jamie Spafford, a member of Sorted Food’s culinary quartet, explain the rationale behind the project in an email to Tubefilter:

“Burgers are one food that nearly everyone in the world can relate to, and more importantly personalise. It felt like the perfect catalyst to start a conversation about and highlight how ideas change from different cities, countries and continents…There’s no right or wrong answer, but there is a whole load of delicious burgers out there to try! People get really passionate about the food they know and love, and we wanted to help bring that out of them…We purposefully haven’t stuck to “the rules” of making a burger (e.g. buns made from baked potatoes, patties made from pulled beef, etc.) because it gets people interested, even if they disagree!”

#BeatMyBurger will run for ten more episodes (five more chats with YouTubers and five more recipes based off those chats), and the Sorted Food team is inviting its followers to join in on the fun. Fans who submit their own burger ideas on Sorted Food’s website or on its mobile app could end up featured in a series of events the channel plans to run on December 1st. At those “meat ups“, which will occur in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and London, the top five burgers will be put on display, and guests will be asked to choose which one will become “The Internet’s Ultimate Burger.”

Until then, keep an eye on Sorted Food’s channel for more #BeatMyBurger episodes, and starting thinking up some food experiments of your own design.

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