YouTube Nation's Halloween Special Lets You Pick Your Own Adventure by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

What do you get when you cross a Halloween party in a haunted mansion with a choose-your-own-adventure story? That’s what YouTube Nation’s Halloween: Can You Survive? special wants to find out.

Produced by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf and hosted by GloZell, the Halloween special allows viewers to pick their own path once the main storyline is set up. The special starts off with a Halloween party thrown by Tay Zonday for several other YouTubers. It takes place in a haunted mansion he “purchased” (the spooky set was designed by Guillermo Del Toro and lives at YouTube Space LA).

After Zonday warns the guests not to move any item from its location, so as not to incite the anger of the spirit who lives in the estate, Steve Zaragoza runs into the room with a crystal he removed from the attic and consequently drops dead with a knife stabbed into his back. This is where the special gets scarier, crazier, and way cooler.

Viewers can choose to ditch the mansion along with guests Miles Gray (of YouTube Nation) and Sparky Sweets, keep partying it up with Zonday and Lizzie Bassett, or investigate Zaragoza’s murder with Felicia Day and Michelle Glavan. You may end up meeting FouseyTUBE at some point along the way, too. In the end, your choices affect whether or not you appease the angry spirit to save the YouTubers, or watch them meet their gruesome ends.

“YouTube Nation is about capturing the incredible personalities, zany antics and current trends on YouTube, so we wanted to create an experience that drops viewers into the action with their favorite YouTubers and lets them decide how the story unfolds,” said executive producers Diaz and Woolf, in the release. “Halloween: Can You Survive? is the first time viewers will be able to join in on the fun for our first immersive online party. And what better holiday than Halloween?”

Do you think you can survive? Then watch the introductory video now live in YouTube Nation’s channel, and see if your decisions get you and your YouTube friends out of the mansion alive.

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