Omnia Media is a YouTube multi-channel network focused on the verticals of music, gaming, and style that boasts a talent roster with artists’ names like Wyclef Jean, Tyga, and The Weekend in addition to superstar YouTube gamers like PlayClashOfClans, TheSyndicateProject, and SeaNanners. The Culver City, California-based MCN is home to more than 1,000 YouTube channels that generate an aggregate more than 1 billion monthly views worldwide.

Channel Factory is “one of the largest native video marketing and YouTube buying platforms” that helps marketers from Fortune 500 brands to burgeoning startups better target, spend, and analyze their YouTube advertising budgets.

And with a portion of Omnia Media and Channel Factory’s powers combined, the two have brought Content Labs to market. The new initiative is meant to be a “centralized approach to branded content creation and media buying,” utilizing Omnia Media’s creative talent with Channel Factory’s YouTube targeting platform, media buying expertise, and data.

“Big brands understand that premium content creation is only half the solution,” said Tamoor Shafi, CEO of Omnia Media, in the release. “They want performance, which means optimizing earned media and engagement in addition to custom branded content from influencers with strong followings. We joined forces with Channel Factory to create Content Labs so we could deliver the complete package.”

Tony Chen, CEO of Channel Factory (who you can see speak a little bit about his company’s offerings by way of this clip from Social Media Week Los Angeles 2014), added, “We are always looking to improve how advertisers and agencies buy, optimize and amplify video marketing, so working with Omnia Media to create a singular solution makes total sense. We’re combining world-class data analysis and media buying with great content.”

Omnia Media and Channel Factory are certainly players within the online video space, but they’re not yet companies of a scale similar to the Maker Studios, Fullscreens, Collective Digital Studios, and AwesomenessTVs of the industry. In order to compete with those kinds of massive and near-massive entities, it makes sense for the two to team up and support one another, together providing specific pieces of proposals that could offer a greater appeal to a growing number of advertisers.

While Omnia Media and Channel Factory have independently worked with major brands (like Target and Samsung) and agencies (like WPP and IPG) in the past, Content Labs is just now up and running and doesn’t yet have any case studies under its belt. Stay tuned to see how the new initiative fares in the market.

Photo of SeaNanners from YouTube.

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