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The woman featured in today’s YouTube Millionaires column is the online video community’s foremost authority on sex education. Laci Green‘s weekly Sex+ web series is distributed on Discovery Digital Networks’ TestTube vertical and on YouTube, where its channel has gathered more than one million subscribers. That audience makes Sex+ the most popular series about sex and gender equality on the web.

Recently, Green made headlines by leading the charge against Sam Pepper’s controversial “butt pinch” prank. In addition, she is currently crossing the US on a nationwide tour and continues to regularly update her channel. Here’s what she had to say about Sex+ and her role as a sex and gender educator.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Laci Green: Pretty surreal actually.  I see my channel as a home for a movement toward comprehensive sex education, gender equality, and other important social issues…so the fact that over 1M people have endorsed (or at least in some way acknowledged) that is pretty amazing.  I have nothing but gratitude and love for all those who support my work.  These topics aren’t easy, and I rely on my viewers’ support more than they probably realize.

TF: On your blog, you describe yourself as “sex positive.” Why have you chosen to use it and embrace that term?

LG: I believe sexuality is a healthy, natural part of life.  Growing up and to this day, most of the messages that I see around me suggest otherwise.  That sexuality is black and white, taboo, dirty, shameful, embarrassing, raunchy…all negative things.  I think that needs to change.

TF: What is the typical reaction you receive when you tell people about the sort of videos you create?

LG: Either “OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT’S AMAZING!!!!!” or “Oh…..*awkward silence*”.  It’s kind of entertaining, and I usually avoid telling curious strangers who I suspect will have a bad reaction. Especially on airplanes because then we’re stuck together.  😛

TF: What do you think is the most common misconception about sex?

LG: There are many and I think they’re very gendered.  I think some common misconceptions are that the hymen breaks (not true) or that women are supposed to orgasm with penetrative sex.  In reality, only 1 in 4 women orgasm this way.

TF: What was the most touching or inspiring compliment you have ever received from a fan?

LG: People tell me these tear jerking stories about how my videos changed their relationship with themselves or their outlook on the world, that it helped them leave an abusive relationship or accept their sexual orientation.  Every time I hear these stories my heart feels so full that it might burst.

TF: What was your favorite video to make and why?

LG: I like conducting research and connecting ideas, so my favorite videos to make are the ones that take more time to write out and put together.  I really enjoyed making my “SEX OBJECT BS” video about sexual objectification.

TF: With regard to the recent Sam Pepper controversy, what do you think the average viewer can do to make YouTube a more positive place for women?

LG: Support them!  That can happen in any number of ways, from a tweet or comment to let them know what you like about their video to simply clicking like or sharing their work with friends.  I also think we can all strive to be brave and speak out when bad stuff is going on.

TF: What are your interests beyond sex ed? Have you thought about launching any other channels on line?

LG: I am fascinated by the internet as a tool for activism and all the nuances that come with that…the way that conversations happen, how messages spread, how to mobilize someone from passive YouTube viewer to on-the-ground leader, that sort of thing.  I’m interested in inspiring and supporting young people to make a change in their communities and the world.

TF: What’s next for Sex+? Any exciting plans?

LG: Just like the past 4 years, Sex+ will continue to evolve and grow.  I am doing more live programs at universities and colleges, and I think that I will be doing that even more in the future.  I am also launching a new project VERY soon!

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