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The term “beauty guru” has emerged as a general descriptor for any creator who posts makeup, hair, and other cosmetic videos on YouTube. Marlena Stell, on the other hand, considers herself to be more of a beauty educator. On her MakeupGeekTV channel (which is partnered with Collective Digital Studio), Stell shares her favorite looks, beauty secrets, healthy eating tips, and advice for curvy women. Her expertise has paid off, as she now has her own line of cosmetics. She’s also the latest beauty creator to reach a million subscribers, so here’s our discussion with her:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to them?

MakeupGeekTV: It feels amazing to hit one million subscribers!  I’m so grateful for my viewers–they have all been incredibly sweet and supportive over the years.  THANK YOU to each of them and wish I could give them a hug 🙂

TF: Was there a specific reason or event that motivated you to start a YouTube channel about makeup?

MG:  I started my YouTube channel to show how to create different makeup looks, since I had so many people asking how to do various looks. It started as a hobby, and quickly turned into a full time career

TF: Makeup, beauty, and style are huge topics on YouTube. How are you different from other YouTubers who cover the same thing? What do you do to help set yourself apart?

MG: My big focus is on education since that is my background.  I like to show specific tips on makeup as well as choosing the best products for each person.

TF: For your “Hot New Products” videos, how do you go about selecting which products to feature?

MG: I always choose the most recently-launched products or line that come out each month.  This way viewers can see what is new and what is worth spending their money on.

TF: You’re one of the select few YouTubers to own her own makeup line. What’s your favorite part of owning a line, and also your least favorite part?  

MG:  My favorite part is getting to create products that I myself would love to buy and wear.  My least favorite part is having to choose what to create first because I have so many ideas of things I would like to launch!

TF:  You were very open in your video “How I Got Motivated to Lose Weight” about your life struggles. Have you heard from fans whether or not the video impacted them, and have you had to deal with nay-sayers?

MG: I’ve had SUCH a positive response to my journey to lose weight.  It’s something all women struggle with and connect to, so seeing someone who struggles daily with weight is refreshing, since they realize they’re not alone.

TF: While many of your vlogs and tutorial-style videos are most popular, you have a few scripted, fictional videos like “How to lose a guy in 10 Makeup Mistakes.” What inspires them?

MG: My inspiration for videos comes from tons of sources- magazines, trends on TV, or even a colorful piece of art that I think would make an amazing makeup look.  The 10 Makeup Mistakes video was inspired by the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days” 😉

TF: If you could only wear one makeup look/style for the next year, what would it be?

MG: I am obsessed right now with muted purple lips.  I wear NARS lipstick in Dominique every other day since it’s so different from my usual pink or coral lips that I always wear.

TF: What’s next for your channel and/or your line of beauty products?

MG: Next for my channel is more lifestyle videos–fashion for average size girls as well as business videos showing how I’m growing my makeup company.  For the Makeup Geek cosmetics line, I am launching eyeliner pencils, a full set of duo chrome pigments, and some amazing foiled eyeshadows that are stunning!

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