The Bleacher Report YouTube channel has previously appealed to Game of Thrones fans; now, it’s doing the same thing with Breaking Bad. The Turner-owned sports channel is home to a video in which Bryan Cranston puts on a one-man show to celebrate the upcoming Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs.

The video is shot in a mockumentary style, and it features Cranston as he pores over every detail of his demanding “show”. We get to watch Cranston pitch, hit, field, and run the bases, all while dressed in the uniforms of various MLB teams. Off the stage, he gets inspiration from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon and enlists Pedro Martinez to teach him the proper way to hold a World Series trophy. As a Yankees fan, that last part still stings a bit, but I still must acknowledge it as a great cameo.

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that Cranston only sports the jerseys of American League (AL) teams. This is because the video is particularly focused on the AL playoffs, which will be broadcast on TBS, another Turner-owned property. Those games will begin on September 30th at the conclusion of the MLB regular season.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a sports league using YouTube to promote its upcoming postseason. Earlier this year, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose starred in a selection of YouTube pre-roll ads to promote the NBA playoffs on ESPN. However, those videos had a severe lack of Walter White. Cranston’s gravitas is enough to make his MLB video a must-watch, even for non-fans.

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