Fund This: A 'World Away' Is Nearer Than It Seems by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

Welcome to Fund This, a new column here at Tubefilter. Each week, we’ll look at a planned web series or other online video project currently in search of funding on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other similar crowdfunding sites. We’ll tell you what the series is all about and explain why it is worth your money. Do you have a project that’s currently being crowdfunded? Contact us to let us know and we may feature it in upcoming installments and check out previous installments right here.

Project Name: World Away

Asking For: $7,500 CAD ($6,803.15 USD) on Indiegogo

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $4,950 CAD ($4,490.08 USD)

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 4

Description: World Away is a six-part web series revolving around a woman named Quinn, who is preparing for her one-way trip to Mars. The problem is that she hasn’t told anyone she’s leaving, and she’s about to launch for the planet soon. Inspired by the recent colonization efforts of Mars One and SpaceX, the series will take a hypothetical look at what preparing to leave Earth would look like for one of the colonists.

Creator Bio: The series’ main creators (Elias Campbell, Maxim Gertler-Jaffe, Tabitha Grove, Evan Hamza, and Bea Santos) knew each other from Ontario, Canada’s Sheridan College of Advanced Television and Film. According to their Indiegogo page, several have worked with local production companies and wanted to use that knowledge to “produce content that is insightful and compelling.”

Best Perk: If you’ve got $125 CAD (roughly $114 USD) to spare, you’ll get an invitation to the production’s wrap party in Toronto, as well as all the perks from the lower donation levels (like access to production diaries, signed scripts, a poster, and more). This is a great option for Canadians, but if you’re too far away from Toronto, you still get a sweet deal: in exchange for the wrap party invitation, the cast and crew will get on an exclusive Skype chat with you where you can ask them anything you want (within reason, we assume).

Why You Should Fund It: The creators already shot and put together the first episode, which, if it’s any indication for the rest of the series, is succinctly-written and well-executed. Within the first few minutes of the video, it’s abundantly clear these creators know what they’re doing with cameras, story, and editing. If you want to see how Quinn’s story turns out, or just want to watch some high-quality indie sci-fi, this should be where you use your spending money this week.

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