John Oliver and Cookie Monster are a pair of traditional media stars who are both popular on YouTube; now, thanks to Mashable, they have teamed up to lead an ace news team. They are the two stars of the “W-ORD Channel 7 News“, a new collaboration that teaches kids about words.

According to Mashable, the video is part of Sesame Street‘s Words Are Here, There and Everywhere, a digital resource that focuses on its titular subject. Oliver and Cookie Monster talking about the silent “b” in “crumb”, investigate a story about “chair” losing its “c”, and explain the actual meaning of the word “literally”. In true Sesame Street fashion, there are also guest appearances; Kate McKinnon, Nick Offerman, and Al Roker all show up.

The video comes at a time where both Oliver and Cookie Monster are seeing their YouTube stocks go up. Oliver’s Last Week Tonight channel is on a roll, and the YouTube home of Sesame Street just passed one million subscribers. Beyond the main video, Mashable also released an outtake video featuring some great Cookie Monster one-liners and some rare John Oliver crack-ups.

This isn’t the first time Mashable has facilitated a collaboration between a Sesame Street character and an accompanying celebrity. Earlier this year, Zachary Levi and Bert sang a song about going outside. Before that, Oscar the Grouch and Grumpy Cat had a sneering showdown. Both of those videos ended up scoring hundreds of thousands of views. Don’t be surprised if the W-ORD Channel 7 news team makes a viral splash of its own.

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