New Father Captures Nine Months of Pregnancy in Six-Second Vine Video by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

When Vine user Ian Padgham discovered his wife was pregnant, he decided to capture the experience in a slightly non-traditional way. Over nine months, he filmed her transformation from “just found out” to “new mom” by making a six-second Vine video.

The Vine shows each stage of Claire Pasquier’s pregnancy as her stomach grows, ending with her doing a 180-degree turn and holding their blanket-bundled newborn.

Ian Padgham’s day job gives us a clue as to how he thought of making such a memorable piece of film. He’s an artist who works making time-lapse clips on Vine for various brands; obviously, he figured he could carry his skills over to personal life, too. His personal Vine account has more than 356,000 subscribers.

According to Time, the video’s hit over 12 million loops, and it’s no wonder. The Vine juxtaposes two very different time frames — a short six seconds and a longer nine months — to create an impressive alternative to the typical month-by-month selfies most women take.

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