Thanks to a new update, Vine users no longer have to guess the number of views on their favorite six-second video. Twitter’s video capture app has unveiled “loop counts“, a new feature on its iOS, Android, and web versions that serves as a real-time view counter on its videos.

The new feature differs from other sites’ view counters in that bases its total on each time a particular Vine loops around, not the number of page views it accrues. This has allowed some of the app’s most popular videos to run up their loop counts at an extremely fast pace. For instance, Nash Grier, who runs the most-subscribed page on Vine, has already rolled up eight-digit counts on many of his videos, and since the counter increases in real time, viewers can see that he’s not slowing down any time soon.

Vine has been tracking views since April 3rd, but has only now made the feature public. Any videos launched before that date have been marked with a plus, in order to denote additional views beyond the ones that can be seen on the counter.

The new loop counts are Vine’s latest step toward legitimizing itself as a platform. In particular, the ability to track views is a welcome addition for brands that wish to advertise on Vine, as they can now rely on an accurate metric to track the number of impressions their videos have received. The new counters are useful for viewers too, as they can now put Vine’s billions and billions of views in proper perspective. It’s a cool feature all around.

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