If you feel your YouTube-watching experience is getting stale, Petit Tube can spice it up. The bare-bones French site offers a unique experience by presenting YouTube videos that have received fewer than ten views.

The concept behind Petit Tube is simple: Every time you go to the site, you are presented a video. This video can be anything, so long as almost no one has seen it before. Below the video embed, Petit Tube asks (in French) if you enjoyed your video or not. Clicking on the site’s logo replaces the current obscure video with a new one.

It’s a fun little site, if only because the quality and content of each video is impossible to predict. Upon first arriving at the site, I was greeted by a man who proceeded to tell me about a Wood Flooring Expo in St. Louis. One click later, I was faced with some indecipherable footage of a bunch of barrels. My third video had puppies in it!

Obviously, Petit Tube is hit or miss. You’re going to run into weird, boring, or pointless videos most of the time, and the site isn’t likely to show off any videos you’ll want to share with your friends (if you’re lucky, you might find the next Sir Fedora.) Of course, that’s part of the fun. Wading through a stream of YouTube detritus makes it that much more rewarding when you find videos that are actually worth watching. If that sounds like your idea of a good time (or at least a fun diversion), then the undiscovered videos are waiting for your click.

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