BroadbandTV Agrees To Manage FremantleMedia Shows On YouTube

By 04/23/2014
BroadbandTV Agrees To Manage FremantleMedia Shows On YouTube

BroadbandTV has agreed to help optimize the YouTube presences of some of the most popular TV shows in the world. The online video management company/multi-channel network has struck a deal with FremantleMedia through which it will track fan uploaded content for more than 200 TV shows.

The partnership will make use of BroadbandTV’s VISO NOVI technology, which allows the company to find, connect with, and manage content on YouTube. In this case, Broadband is tasked with seeking out fan videos related to shows in Fremantle’s library, which includes American Idol, The Price is Right, America’s Got Talent, Baywatch and The X Factor.

“Smart  media  companies  are  embracing  the  online  video  revolution  by  deeply  understanding  their  fans and positively engaging with  them. It’s about effectively  taking  the brand experience  to  the next level and allowing the fan to share the great content you’ve created for them,” said Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO of BroadbandTV.  “Without question, a solid online video strategy is essential for major content owners. We’re looking  forward  to  combining  our  deep  digital  expertise  with  FremantleMedia’s  fantastic  content  to  open new revenue streams and, most importantly, allow their fans to get even closer to the brand online.”

FremantleMedia has recently deepened its investment in the online video industry. In addition to the BroadbandTV partnership, it has also struck a distribution deal with StyleHaul and has launched a food channel in collaboration with Vice.

It’s worth noting that both FremantleMedia and BroadbandTV are associated with the RTL Group; Fremantle is a subsidiary of the European entertainment company, which led a $36 million investment in BroadbandTV last year.