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Project Name: Copy-me

Asking For: €24,000 ($33,124.80) on Indiegogo

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): €10,287 ($14,198.12)

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 42

Description: Copy-me is a web series that hopes to take a creative, educational look at file sharing. It styles itself as “a webseries debunking the myths of copying,”  and its creators possess clear beliefs in an open and free Internet. Across “eight short-and-sweet episodes,” Copy-me will attempt to teach its viewers the ins and outs of file sharing. It will use an animated, kinetic typography style that will resemble other educational YouTube channels; Copy-me‘s creators are inspired by the likes of CGP Grey and Minute Physics. Their Indiegogo pitch video contains all the other relevant information.

Creator Bio: The Romanian team behind Copy-me is led by Alex Lungu, who will write the series’ script and animate it. For Lungu, Copy-me is a change to discuss “everything I want to fight for.” He previously tackled the subject of online copyright law in a short film titled The Internet Is Closing Down.

Best Perk: €250 gets you a military-grade encrypted flash drive with the words “Screw you, NSA!” engraved on it. It’s a perk that should sit will with Copy-me‘s potential donors.

Why You Should Fund It: Even though YouTube’s ContentID controversy has cooled down, Internet copyright laws are still contentious. More importantly, there are still a lot of gray areas surrounding them, and a web series like Copy-me can go a long way toward clearing up any misconceptions viewers may have about what sort of sharing is actually allowed.

Considering the creative team’s slant, it’s easy to worry that Copy-me will be a preachy endeavor. While that’s possible, the unique animation style will help keep things light and fun while maintaining a focus on educational veracity.

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