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The latest indie web series to feature a misanthropic lead character is SNAFU. Creator Chloe Sanders‘ look inside the life of a recently laid-off woman is a steady comedy propped up by a few laugh-out-loud gags.

Sanders stars as Flo, who has recently been fired from her job after leaving a verbally abusive message on her boss’ voicemail. As the first episode goes on, we learn exactly why Flo was fired: She’s vain, self-important, and just plain snotty, even when talking to kids who are trying to raise money for their basketball team as part of the pilot’s best gag). She has a bickering but important relationship with her roommate Eli (played by Michael Pantozzi), who is working on a MacGyver-esque show called Crafty Assassin (this is the pilot’s second-best gag.)

SNAFU, which was funded last year by a successful $16,000 Kickstarter campaign, is best when it spares us the whimpering “why me”s that plagues so many web series. Flo is bad, she’s mean, and she spares no venom. This attitude turns SNAFU into a fun watch, and there are still three more episodes to come.


  • CATastrophes. A French cat shows up in America as an “exchange student” in this web series, which hopes to encourage viewers to adopt cats of their own.
  • Not Looking. Drew Droege helms this parody of HBO’s Looking. There’s a Lance Bass sighting in there, too.
  • Winners. A group of “creative” losers move in with an egotist who promises them free rent.
  • Undergrad Chronicles. This series follows the lives of eight undergraduate students at historically black colleges/universities.

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