Indie Spotlight: ‘Jules and Monty’ Mixes ‘Lizzie Bennet’ With ‘Romeo And Juliet’

By 03/28/2014
Indie Spotlight: ‘Jules and Monty’ Mixes ‘Lizzie Bennet’ With ‘Romeo And Juliet’

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For the third time in five weeks, the series featured in our Indie Spotlight adapts a classic work of fiction. This time, the target is Romeo and Juliet, and the modern twists are a vlog format and a fratty college setting. That’s the one-line description of Jules and Monty, which has now completed seven episodes.


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The words “vlog retelling of…” will instantly make any seasoned online video fan think of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Bernie Su’s award-winning adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. In the comment section of the first episode, the Jules and Monty creative team admitted the influence of Lizzie Bennet.

Jules and Monty has a few things going for it, though, that make it more than just a Lizzie Bennet clone. For starters, it eschews Lizzie Bennet‘s Vlogbrothers-inspired editing in favor of a less jumpy, ‘shakier’ style. It is also mixed in the original text more liberally. Creators Edward Rosini and Imogen Browder, students themselves at Tufts University, throw in plenty of lines from the original Shakespeare while weeding out the more complex language. This allows viewers who may be unfamiliar with the source material to get a better understand of the sort of dialogue Shakespeare created.

The third difference, of course, is that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, and thus Jules and Monty‘s creators will have some interesting decisions to make as their series nears the original play’s morbid conclusion. Though the tone is fairly light-hearted, I don’t have high hopes for Jules and Monty’s survival. It’s a shame, too–there’s a lot to like about these star-crossed lovers.


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