The most prominent YouTube convention east of the Mississippi is about to go down. Playlist Live will take over Orlando from March 21st to March 23rd, and dozens of YouTubers will be in attendance to speak about their experiences, perform, and cavort with fans.

There are many exciting panels, meet-ups, and parties on the schedule, which can be viewed via the Playlist Live mobile app. Here are nine particular events that Playlist Live attendees should be sure to have on their agendas.


Keynote Address: Content Monetization: Is Ad Revenue Enough?

10 AM – 10:45 AM, District Lines Pavilion

Jack Conte will be present at a number of Playlist Live events, but his Friday morning keynote will be his most important address. The male half of Pomplamoose will talk about the ways YouTube creators can trump the amount they make ad revenue. His thriving crowdfunding platform, Patreon, will surely be a central part of his presentation.

The Multi-Channel Panel: What’s in Store for MCNs and Their Creators in 2014?

11 AM – 11:45 AM, Caribbean 3

Since they became a central part of the YouTube ecosystem, multi-channel networks have maintained an active presence at events like Playlist Live. There has been some uncertainty about the MCN model of late, so this panel will look at the year ahead for MCNs to see how they plan to grow their businesses. Execs from Awesomeness TV, Stylehaul, and Collective Digital Studio will sit on the panel.

Speaking Legalese Isn’t Easy: Contracts on Online Video Platforms

5 PM – 5:45 PM, Caribbean 2

Rights management has been one of the most significant topics of discussion within the YouTube community in 2014, so this panel (presented by TheVideoInk) will help YouTube creators understand their video rights. Among the panelists is INDMUSIC‘s Arshan Sadri, who writes our regular Must-Watch Music Videos column.


Becoming YouTube

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM, Bonaire 5-8

This sessions is inspired by the Becoming YouTube web series and will feature a conversation between top British creators (including TomSka and Emma Blackery) on the big issues on the site in 2014. “The changing relationship between YouTubers and their audiences,” a topic that has gained some media attention of late, will be on the agenda.

Going Full Time: When To Turn YouTube Into A Career

1 PM – 1:45 PM, Curacao 1-2

This session will discuss the “false sense of hope” that leads many aspiring creators to believe they can make it on YouTube. This is still a fairly fresh discussion on YouTube, and panelists like Swoozie will tackle it head on.

Changing the Social Video Landscape: Vine as a New Venue for Talent Discovery

4:30 – 5:15, Bonaire 5-8

This time last year, Vine was still in its nascent stages. Since then, several companies, including Collab and Mischievous Studios, have built large operations around Vine and its talented six-second superstars. This panel will discuss the unique world of Vine, with Viners like KC James joining the discussion.


I Went Viral and All I Got Was a Seat on This Panel

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM, Grand Sierra

This panel will include the lucky few who have “gone viral” on YouTube. GloZell, Rebecca Black, Steve Kardynal, and several other creators will try to teach attendees how to handle the sudden fame of a viral video success and how to use that success to better your channel.

Let’s Talk About The Gender Gap On YouTube

11 AM – 11:45 AM, Bonaire 5-8

Life on YouTube can be tough for women, but there’s no reason why girls should rule the Internet just as much as men. This panel, which will include Big Frame founder Sarah Penna, will talk about the gender gap on YouTube and will attempt to figure out more ways for women to break through the male noise.

Something Out of Nothing: Quality Production on a Budget

12:15 PM – 1 PM, Bonaire 1-2

We’d all like to have the budgets of Freddie Wong, but gathering funds isn’t easy. A group led by David Trejo and thegr8stever will give attendees tips on low-cost production, instructing them how to make worthwhile videos without breaking the bank.

As a reminder, the full list of events is available via the Playlist Live mobile app. For those of you making the trek to Orlando, have fun, and don’t be afraid to learn a thing or two while you’re there.

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