A popular topic of conversation among denizens of New York and the greater tri-state area ever since Bill de Blasio was sworn in on January 1, 2014 as the 109th Mayor of New York City is what’s Michael Bloomberg up to?

The multi-billionaire, established philanthropist, and three-consecutive-term Mayor of NYC told Seth Meyers on SNL’s Weekend Update he’ll be “fulfilling a lifelong dream of enjoying a small soda on a non-smoking beach,” but outside of that, a recent meeting with President Obama, and his recent appointment as the U.N.’s special envoy for cities and climate change, the public doesn’t know much about Bloomberg’s current activities and future aspirations.

Katie Couric’s going to change that. In her first major interview as Global Anchor of Yahoo, the high-profile broadcast and online media journalist will sit across from Bloomberg for his first on-camera, sit-down conversation with a reporter since he left the Mayor’s Office.

The interview is exclusive to Yahoo and will air on Yahoo News Friday, March 14. In the meantime, Couric is soliciting questions for Bloomberg by way of her Tumblr. Interested parties can click over to KatieCouric.tumblr.com and type in their queries in what’s probably the most meaningful Yahoo/Tumblr collaboration to date since the former acquired the latter back in May 2013.

The Bloomberg interview will be the first of many pieces of programming from Couric exclusive to Yahoo that integrates other Yahoo-owned properties. Per the press release, expect live events and newsmaker interviews “rich with context and fueled by viewer questions/submissions from Yahoo, Tumblr, and Flickr,” in the very near future.

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