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Hannah Hart most likely very often gets confused with Katniss Everdeen, because the girl is on fire. The twentysomething amateur chef, apt musician, budding author, and burgeoning motion picture star uploaded her very first My Drunk Kitchen video to YouTube on March 16, 2011. In the three short years since, Hart’s gone onto write her very own cookbook (published by Harper Collins’ It Books imprint and set to hit the shelves in August 2014), star alongside friends and fellow YouTube phenoms Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart in the very successful straight-to-download feature length film Camp Takota, win a Streamy award, and amass a rabid fan base that’s now over one million YouTube subscribers strong.

We recently caught up with Hannah to hear about what she’s up to and how it feels to cross the seven-figure subscriber mark.

Tubefilter:  What do you have to say to your one million YouTube subscribers?

Hannah Hart: Hello! I love you! Thank you! Let’s eat drink and be merry.

TF: What sort of response have you seen since then release of Camp Takota?

HH: Very positive! People seem to love the film! Or at least that’s what all the .gifs on Tumblr lead me to believe.

TF: Are you satisfied with the way the film came out? Looking back, is there anything about it you would’ve done differently?

HH: I probably would have worn sleeves more often. JKJKJKJKJKJ.

TF: Do you think My Drunk Kitchen has affected the way people interact with you? When people meet you for the first time, do you think they expect you to be a raging alcoholic?

HH: Always! I sometimes think they are disappointed that I consider being well-balanced emotionally and mentally such a priority. C’est la vie!

TF: Your YouTube presence has grown since you first started doing My Drunk Kitchen. At this point, how important do you think that show is to your YouTube success? Do you ever think about ending it and moving on to other things??

HH: I can’t imagine that I would ever end MDK. I plan on owning and operating my channel throughout my career. Even if I move on to a continuous larger project (like a talk show) I plan to always be able to randomly shoot and post an episode of MDK whenever I feel like it.

TF: You’ve done lots of YouTube collaborations. Who are some YouTubers who you would like to collaborate with, but haven’t yet?

HH: I would love to collaborate with…Huh. That’s tough. There are so many great creators out there! Let’s just say everyone all the time.

TF: You have many fans in the LGBT community. What does it mean to you to have a positive effect so many young LGBT people?

HH: It means the world to me. Ellen was my LGBT role model and she has inspired me through many a moment. The thought that I’m able to do the same for others? It’s just about the most motivating thing in the world.

TF: What’s next for the MyHarto channel? Any interesting plans worth sharing? 

HH: Constant promotion of my booooooooooooooook!!!! SO EXCITED FOR AUGUST 2014.

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