Netflix has lobbed some fighting words in the direction of its most similar competitor. The online distribution service has released a video titled ‘Drone 2 Home‘ that ribs Amazon’s ‘Air Prime‘ drone delivery service.

Netflix’s video is a fairly direct parody of the ad Amazon used to introduce its upcoming drone service, a video that has tallied more than 14 million YouTube views since its release last December. Netflix’s version shows small drones that deliver DVDs to homes, offices, and bathrooms. A voiceover claims Netflix, “unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market,”  has worked out “most of the bugs,” a line accompanied by an exploding drone. Ouch, Amazon. You want some ointment for that burn?

‘Drone 2 Home’ is a fairly brazen cheap shot; the status of Amazon’s drone service is currently up in the air (literally), but it has been out of the news for months, to the point that Netflix’s spoof does as much to bring it back into the limelight as it does to make fun of it. ‘Drone 2 Home’ is free advertising for Amazon almost as much as it an attack.

Still, you can’t blame Netflix for taking a shot at Air Prime. The drones have been an easy target for jokesters, with the likes of Rooster Teeth and Machinima Happy Hour also offering up parodies of their own. It’s only right that Amazon’s biggest competitor would take the opportunity to mock its rival. All we can do now is sit back and wait for Amazon’s response. Netflix’s, um, eclectic streaming library is certainly ripe for parody.

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