With the Dick Figures movie behind them, Ed Skudder and Zach Keller are moving on to new projects. Specifically, the duo behind one of the most popular animated web series of all time has offered up Aachi & Ssipak, an English-language version of a bonkers Korean cartoon.

Aachi & Ssipak is a 2006 animated film directed by Jo Beom-jin. It is set in the future, where human excrement is used as an energy source and many people are addicted to bright blue “Juicybars”. The titular duo sell Juicybars on the black market, and must fend off throngs of junkie to defend their stock. In the first episode, these junkies take the form of violent blue mutants called the Diaper Gang.

It’s not hard to see how this source material appeals to Skudder and Keller, who are best known for creating crass, foul-mouthed, violent stick figures. After gaining the blessing of Aachi & Ssipak‘s Korean distributor, Skudder and Keller dubbed over the film and added a throbbing EDM soundtrack courtesy of Mad Decent. The result is an American Aachi & Ssipak, one that is just as violent, weird, and crisply animated as the original.

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Aachi & Ssipak

Aachi & Ssipak are 2 likable street hoodlums who scrape by stealing and selling “Juicybars,” highly addictive blue popsicles distributed by the government in exchange for human excrement, the only usable fuel in Shibal, a dystopian, futuristic, post-apocalyptic city. Aachi and Ssipak hook up with “Beautiful,” a blue-haired, wannabe-actress with a lucrative knack for making the Juicybars pile up. Aachi, the entrepreneur, exploits her special talent and Ssipak, the romantic, falls in love with her. Rich in Juicybars, the threesome go on a rock star tear- up that makes them a target. They are pursued relentlessly by both the Diaper Gang, an army of violent blue mutants led by the Diaper King, and the police. AACHI & SSIPAK is a crazy, high octane story driven by a contemporary dubstep sound track with some of the most mind blowing action scenes ever to be animated.

Skudder and Keller have brought Aachi & Ssipak to the Mondo Media channel, which also housed Dick Figures. Just like the Dick Figures movie, Aachi & Ssipak is seeing a ‘chaptered’ release, with fans encouraged to purchase the whole film on iTunes or Google Play if they can’t wait to see how it ends.

Mondo is calling this format “Streamium“, and while I have no problem waiting for future episodes, I can see how Aachi & Ssipak‘s insane, bold style will send some viewer running off to purchase it.

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