Disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been out of the spotlight for several weeks now, so that makes this the perfect time for his YouTube show to debut. Ford and his brother Doug (himself a Toronto councilor) have released a few clips from Ford Nation, their brand new YouTube web series.

Ford Nation‘s format is about as exciting as your average C-SPAN broadcast. It features the two brothers as they banter back and forth in front of a static image of the Toronto skyline. In a series of short clips, the Fords discuss everything from politics to drug use to the most important Canadian subject: hockey.

Rob and Doug could use a lesson in YouTube production, but let’s be honest: Almost all of Ford Nation‘s viewers are watching to see if anything ridiculous comes Rob’s mouth. The first clips don’t have anything on the level of “I have more than enough to eat at home,” but Rob does open up about his crack cocaine use, claiming he initially lied about it because he “was embarrassed” and “didn’t want to tell the truth.”

Ford Nation may never produce any gaffes equal to its host’s previous indiscretions, but the Ford brothers are charismatic enough to carry the series in spite of its lacking presentation. For somewhat understandable reasons, comments are disabled, but viewers are encouraged to send their questions along to fordnation2014@gmail.com. Get to work, Internet. It’s our job to bait Rob Ford into giving a ridiculous answer worthy of the national news and SNL.

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