Chipotle has always taken an, um, blunt approach to advertising, and its latest campaign is no different. Next month, the fast-casual Mexican chain will released Farmed And Dangerous, a four part web series that will satirize the evils of inorganic farming.

Farmed And Dangerous will follow a diligent farming activist as he goes up against a sinister mega-corporation named AnimOil. Judging from the trailer, the series will feature plenty of unnatural chemicals, ominous lighting, and exploding cows. Real subtle, Chipotle.

The web series is the latest iteration of Chipotle’s marketing strategy, which seems to boil down to ‘lob vitriol at big farming conglomerates and the fast food chains that rely on them.’ The most notable example of this occasionally-criticized approach is ‘The Scarecrow‘, which has received eight-digit views since its release last year. A previous ad, titled ‘Back to the Start‘, featured a similar design and also gained millions of views.

Hulu is no stranger to branded web series; one notable example was Escape My Life, a mild comedy plastered with Ford cars. Chipotle, on the other hand, will not feature any product placement in Farmed and Dangerous, preferring to focus on the message. “‘Farmed and Dangerous’ is meant to strike large emotional chords — it’s not about selling burritos,” said Daniel Rosenberg, who produced the series with his production company, Piro.

Each Farmed and Dangerous episode will run for a half hour, and Chipotle reportedly spent somewhere in the area of seven figures to produce it. That’s a lot to spend on a series that won’t even feature any real branding, but if Chipotle’s previous efforts are any indication, the company’s first web series will be worth sharing.

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