Bad Lip Reading posts new episodes very infrequently, so each new installment is always a big deal. The channel’s first new effort in more than three months is here, and it’s a follow-up to what is arguably its greatest episode.

The new video is plainly titled ‘More NFL‘, and it serves as a sequel to ‘A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL‘, which was released a year ago last week. With more than 47 million views, the first NFL Bad Lip Reading is the channel’s most viewed video, and while the sequel doesn’t have any moments that are quite as brilliant as Adrian Peterson’s soliloquy about an orange peanut, Peyton Manning’s list of all the things he doesn’t like is really funny.

The new NFL video arrives just in time for the Super Bowl, which will go down on February 2nd in New Jersey. Luckily, the game won’t be on NBC, because after watching this video, I’m not sure I’ll be able to take Sunday Night Football‘s player introductions seriously ever again.

‘More NFL’ is only the third video in the past eight months from Bad Lip Reading, which is run by an anonymous individual in the entertainment industry. I’d like to say that he should quit his job and make hilarious videos full time, but honestly, the scarcity is part of the fun. Call it the Steve Kardynal rule: It’s impossible to tell when any new Bad Lip Reading episode will arrive, and that turns each release into a very special occurrence.

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