He may be 66 years old, but Arnold Schwarzenegger possesses some legit Internet skills. The former actor/governor/Terminator now spends much of his time as a philanthropist, and he has demonstrated plenty of YouTube and Reddit aptitude in promoting his current charity.

Schwarzenegger is a fervent supporter of After-School All-Stars, a charity that provides after-school services around the country. To help support the cause, Schwarzenegger took to Reddit’s IamA section and offered to match any donations made by the site’s community.

This is where YouTube comes in. Schwarzenegger has become a hugely popular figure on Reddit, thanks to his regular interaction with the site’s fitness community as well as his clever use of his personal YouTube channel. A month ago, he appeared in a tank to promote After-School All-Stars in a video that received more than 4,000 upvotes on Reddit. To celebrate his return to the site, he created a video where he helps people at the gym while (poorly) disguised as a mustachioed personal trainer named Howard Kleiner (or How-ahd Klein-ah).

Schwarzenegger also provided the Reddit community with a few bonus videos, including a fitness-related riff on one of his most famous lines. Reddit users, who are increasingly relevant as online video tastemakers, paid him back with millions of views.

Thanks to his smart use of social media, the Governator’s YouTube channel now has more than 100 thousand subscribers and over 19 million views. More importantly, he was able to raise a significant amount for After-School All-Stars. It’s unclear when Ahnold will return to YouTube, but don’t worry–he’ll be back.

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