You Can Thank Reddit For Discovering ‘Long Story Short’

By 01/09/2014
You Can Thank Reddit For Discovering ‘Long Story Short’

Looking for a quick, funny, well-written web series to share with your friends? Look no further than Long Story Short. The witty creation of Almog Avidan Antonir and Tom Assam-Miller is worth checking out, and thanks to an assist from Reddit, it has gained a sizable audience.

Each episode of Long Story Short (there are five of them so far) runs for about three minutes and is arranged in the form of a personal monologue. Sentences are short, jokes are rapid-fire, and occasional repetition is key. Many people have commented on the web series’ similarity to a French TV segment titled Bref, and while they indeed look similar, I like this one much better because I don’t speak a word of French.

Here’s the most-viewed episode of Long Story Short, featuring an internal crisis during a date:


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That episode was posted on November 25th of last year, but didn’t go viral until January 9th. Why? Reddit. Long story short, the so-called “front page of the Internet” has turned into a tastemaker of sorts. It’s video subsection has a tendency to latch on to underappreciated web series its users find funny and drive them to mainstream recognition. It happened with Convos With My 2 Year Old, it happened with Dadholes, and now it’s happening with Long Story Short.

The message is clear: If you want some easy publicity for your favorite series, you should post it to Reddit and get everyone you know to follow suit. The community will do the rest–if you’re funny enough, that is.

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