Prank videos ruled YouTube in 2013, and Stuart Edge has kicked off the year by continuing this trend. Edge has delivered the first viral prank video of 2014 by using a stacked deck of cards to tell a story (and earn himself a few New Year’s kisses along the way).

Edge’s video takes him to Times Square, where he talks to a handful of women before the annual ball drop. As with the other Edge prank we featured on Tubefilter, the New Year’s trick is basically an excuse to hit on women without seeming too creepy (but still plenty creepy, to be honest). This time, Edge is focused on scoring some New Year’s kisses, and he uses a neat card trick to achieve his goal.

As I wrote during my Year in Review piece on prank videos, YouTube jokers will need to up the ante if they hope to keep their respective audiences engaged in 2014. Edge has a leg up when you consider that he’s capable of actual trickery such as this. The ‘magic’ in his latest video isn’t particularly complex (he clearly has a stacked deck hidden somewhere on his person), but it’s cute enough to sufficiently ‘up the ante’.

I’m also impressed with Edge’s ability to write a story that involves all 52 playing cards. It can’t be easy to work in exactly four instances of those weird in-between numbers like six and seven, but that’s why he’s the YouTube-famous magician and I’m the guy who sits in front of his computer all day.

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