Few holidays are as universal as Christmas, and just about everyone who’s anyone on YouTube is making sure to post a video to fit the Yuletide season. We’ve already noted a few of our favorite Christmas videos, but here are seven more enjoyable ones that truly ring in the occasion.

7. XMas Jammies by VisitTheGreenroom

If you’re going to make a big deal out of your Christmas cards, you might as well opt for a rap song/sneaky ad for your new venture/12 million view viral smash. I hope the kids won’t be ashamed of this one when they grow up, but they will.

6. Kids Get Bad Christmas Gifts by Steve Greene

Steve Greene is one of YouTube’s most masterful trolls, and a bunch of children served as his most recent victims. The main draw is the cute kids factor, but Greene is also making an important comment about how ridiculous white elephant gift exchanges are.

5. Christmas Face by Rhett and Link

Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Benny Fine, and Destorm returned to Rhett and Link‘s channel for the striking follow-up to last year’s ‘Christmas Sweatz‘. It’s not as good as the first one, but that didn’t stop the song from getting stuck in my head all day.

4. Santa Parkour by Ronnie Street Stunts

So that’s how he gets to so many houses in one night.

3. Scary Snowman Prank – Christmas Special 2013 by The Scary Snowman

‘Tis the season for Scary Snowman. This guy is definitely a one-trick pony, but he still makes me laugh. Seriously though, people, if you’re walking down the street and there is a random snowman standing there, HE IS GOING TO SCARE YOU. How many times do we have to do this before you get the hint?

2. Christmas Presence by Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a classic, and the new episode brings more sharp animation, simple humor, and packing peanuts.

1. Not Excited About Christmas? by Just A Skinny Boy

Everyone is clamoring to get in the Christmas spirit, but some people will have more trouble than others. This somber vlog from a Minnesotan named Elijah (who has Asperger’s) is a definite downer, but it’s an important reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. I would recommend watching it at least once, especially if the cold weather is making you feel blue. Once you’ve heard what Elijah has to say, you’re welcome to return to your regularly scheduled holiday silliness.

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