YouTube commenters haven’t been getting a lot of good press lately, but at least one recent branded campaign has shown how the much-maligned group can be a force for good. In a clever brand campaign, HP teamed up with rapper Vic Mensa and producer Clams Casino for a song building project aided by YouTube commenters.

On November 18th, Mensa (who previously crafted one of INDMUSIC’s Must-Watch Music Videos with ‘Orange Soda’) and Clams took to the studio, HP computers in tow and live streams tracking their every word. They then began to write their song, using feedback and suggestions from YouTube commenters to hone it, improve it, and complete it. Ultimately, they named their creation ‘Egyptian Cotton‘, after a commenter directed them to “take us to ancient Egypt.”

Nine days later, the completed video for ‘Egyptian Cotton’ arrived on HP’s YouTube channel, where it has received a generally positive reception. The YouTube commenters are pretty pleased with their creation, and I don’t blame them–the song is a banger.

Some are calling the campaign a brilliant move by HP, one that understands where the younger generation takes in their media (YouTube), the way they consume it (interactively), and the people they look to as influencers (young, hip creative types). More importantly, however, ‘Egyptian Cotton’ is a much needed reminder that the YouTube comments section is more than just a hive of crass, senseless morons. It has the capacity to be smart and creative, and this musical creation is proof.

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