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Many girls in the millennial generation once went through a ‘goth’ phase filled with eye shadow and black clothes. A new series featuring a plethora of YouTube talent mocks this stereotype. It’s called The Goreys, and it stars Mary Kate Wiles of Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Squaresville fame.

The Goreys, created by Justin Coloma, seems to be aiming for a similar audience to Lizzie Bennet and shares many similarities to Bernie Su’s hit series beyond their shared leading lady. It also attempts to combine hip, modern lingo with 19th century literature and features a gaggle of female protagonists (including YouTube beauty personality Meghan Rosette) who serve as self-caricatures while throwing around one-liners. Wiles’ Tori Gorey delivers the best line of episode one when she says of a date at Red Lobster, “Nothing says romance like a boiled arthropod.”

The Goreys combines my passion for interactive storytelling with gothic aesthetics and good old-fashioned laughs,” said Coloma. “I’m so proud of my amazing crew and cast for bringing this to life and am excited to watch the show grow and develop exciting story lines with these characters.”

Seven episodes are currently available on YouTube. For LBD and Emma Approved fans looking to find another show to share on Tumblr, The Goreys could serve as an acceptable choice.


  • Murder Trial Of The Golden Doorknob. A series based off a Cornell University tradition of shorts that end with someone getting killed by a doorknob. Here, the doorknob gets its due process of law. Just Us Guys. A gay dad and his straight son share a Gilmore Girls type of relationship.
  • Knock Knock. This series about the hilarious twists and turns of life in the big city is made more interesting by its setting: Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Find the Beauty. A British web series where musicians remake bygone hits and update them for a modern audience.
  • While Waiting For Godot. A reimagined web series version of the classic Samuel Beckett play.

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