Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s YouTube channel PewDiePie hit 17 million YouTube subscribers earlier this week. If you think it feels just like yesterday when the Swedish online video gaming sensation hit the 16 million subscriber mark, your internal clock isn’t too far off.

PewDiePie acheived his 16 millionth sub on November 16, 2013. Then, just 15 days later on December 1, 2013,  the channel gained it’s 17 millionth. Kjellberg tacked on this latest million in record time, too, one day faster than his previous 1,000,000. New YouTube users signed up to YouTube.com/PewDiePie and became part of its fanbase (aka the Bro Army) at a rate of 66,666 per day, 2,777 per hour, 46.3 per minute, and one new subscriber every 1.3 seconds.

Kjellberg has attracted those individuals with an amazing work ethic, a prolific output of new videos, a charming, inviting personality, incredible blue-gray eyes, and Let’s Play programming like this:

As was the case with some of the top subscribed YouTube channels before it, the content on PewDiePie isn’t for everyone. But it certainly is for a lot of people. Give it a watch and see if you come around – after enough viewings, I did – and we’ll see you all in a couple weeks (or sooner) when Pewds hits 18 million.

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