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Thanksgiving is the time of year where we all come together with family, eat food, reminisce, and talk about the things we are thankful for. Right now, I’m thankful for The Last Royals, who although may not share the same thoughts on the Eureka State as I do, they sure do have an eloquent way of sharing their feelings. And I’ll be damned if I can’t at least see where they’re coming from in their music video for ‘I Hate California‘.

Based in wonderful Brooklyn, New York, it’s pretty easy to see why the band might hate Cali. After all, almost everyone here in Greater New York City does.

I really dig this song, and the video paints a stunning image of California, especially coming from two guys who, according to their song title, hate the place.

‘I Hate California’ is an epic slow burn and has just enough of that nostalgic vibe to make you miss home, wherever it may be. So before you pack up for the holidays, give this band a listen and drop a comment on the video if you, too, have strong feelings about Cali. The band dubs their brand of rock as “urban walking music,” but don’t let that stop you from jamming out to some of their other tracks like ‘Only the Brave‘ when you’re cruising around Venice Beach in your hoopty.

You can pick up The Last Royals’ latest record here, out now on Brooklyn’s own Ooh La La Records. And if you want the full rundown on the Brooklyn rock duo check out their website here.

Arshan Sadri is the Channel Manager at Brooklyn based, INDMUSIC, YouTube’s largest music Network. He got his start booking comedy and music at the University of Maryland. On weekends he refuses to travel above 14th street, likes to run, and plays in two bands that are just ok.

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