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At its onset, Jessica Forever doesn’t feel like a vampire series. Within its first few minutes, it is bloody, dark, and horrific, but not in a supernatural manner. It’s only after a couple episodes that the web series’ personal mythology comes into full view–and it’s a grisly one.

Jessica Forever is helmed by Westley Cornwell and Luis Garcia, and while it’s a vampire series through and through, its creators were inspired by a different type of supernatural series. “If I had to compare the tone of our show to anything else, it would be The Walking Dead because of the realistic approach to the material,” said Cornwell in a press release. “A big part of this story is about drug addiction and how it affects lives. In the process of making Jessica Forever, we did a lot of research on the subject and it’s a big part of the story that counterbalances the fantastical elements”.

Cornwell and Garcia use strong cinematography to engage viewers even when actual plot details are still unrevealed. Well-composed shots keep the viewer interested and invite him to learn more about protagonist Jessica Huberman (Kate Horn) as she undergoes an initiation into a macabre vampire underworld.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any blood. On the contrary, there are pints of it in each episode, carefully spaced as to not exhaust viewers. This restraint makes Jessica Forever accessible to a wide audience, albeit one that doesn’t mind seeing some crimson from time to time.


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