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If you’ve never seen a Mike Tompkins video, you should go ahead and change that right now. The immensely talented vocal artist, who is partnered with Maker Studios, has reached one million subscribers through the covers of pop songs he creates using only his mouth. We asked Mike a few questions about his YouTube success.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to surpass one million subscribers?

Mike Tompkins: It feels amazing. When I started on YouTube my goal was 50,000. I’m honored that so many people would choose to subscribe to my channel.

TF: How long does to put together each of your a capella videos?

MT: It varies, but usually 4-6 days.

TF: Do you have a favorite video of the ones you’ve released thus far?

MT: I always say it should be the last video I make, because I feel I should always be having more fun and be getting better at what I do. However, the ones that really stick out to me are ‘Paradise‘ & ‘All Night Long‘. Mostly because just the rawness and the situations in which I was creating them in. Paradise was filmed in my basement on a white screen I borrowed from a friend. Just me focusing the camera and hitting record and jumping into frame. Then editing the video on my laptop.

TF: It seems like you must put a lot of strain on your vocal chords. What exercises to you use to stay healthy?

MT: I actually don’t put a lot of strain on my vocal cords. For the most part I’ve kept my voice in a very healthy spot. I recently took some vocal training to assist in not blowing out my voice on tour. Roger Love really took me to a new place with my voice. Definitely feel more confident then I ever have with my voice.

TF: What was it like touring with the Jonas Brothers?

MT: It was awesome. It was a big accomplishment taking what I do on the road live. I have a big vision of where I want to take my live show. I’ve spent most of my life in the studio, and the tour was a great opportunity to get my live performing skills headed in the right direction. I’m super thankful for the Jonas Brothers and there decision to bring me along for the tour. They are awesome dudes.

TF: Any plans to release more original music (or a full album) in the future?

MT: Yes. Yes. And yes. This is high on the priority list. It’s the thing I love to the most (write and produce). It’s the thing I’m best at. Also it’s the thing I’ve put the most pressure on myself to make my album the best it can be. Stay tuned. It’s coming.

TF: What percentage of your YouTube success do you think comes from your vocal talents, what percentage from your video making skills, and what percentage from everything else?

MT: Great question. I’ve never been asked that before. Probably 50/50. YouTube allowed me to fuse all the things I could do into one thing. From beatboxing, singing, producing/mixing music and creating videos

TF: What plans do you have for your channel? Any fun videos we should look out for?

MT: I have a video coming out on Tuesday 10/29 with the talented Bonnie McKee (Ed. note: This interview was conducted earlier in October). And a new collaboration video with Chester See. Stay tuned!

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