Disneyland is a place filled with smiles, but even The Happiest Place On Earth couldn’t cheer up the Internet’s most affectless feline. Grumpy Cat was one of a number of online personalities who took to Disneyland to participate in a branded social media campaign called #DisneySide.

The campaign asked participating personalities to post some social media creation related to Disneyland, with the park’s characters and resources as their collective canvas. So basically, it was an opportunity to spend a day at a theme park creating stuff. Who would ever turn that down?

Not many people, apparently. The guest list is an impressive collection of talented people. As far as YouTube is concerned, attendees included MysteryGuitarMan, Mark Malkoff, and a particularly large number of Maker Studios creators–including Mike Tompkins, Mary Doodles, and Shaytards mama Colette.

Though online video creators played a big role, the #DisneySide campaign stretches far beyond YouTube. Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest creators all participated, as did a few notable bloggers. Heck, they even got Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Little to show up. The biggest star, however, was little Grumpy Cat, who steadfastly refused to enjoy herself even when surrounded by wonderment and magic.

#DisneySide was a particularly great brand campaign because it didn’t crush the varying styles of its participating creators under the weight of corporate language and instructions. MysteryGuitarMan was able to express himself through clever editing, Mike Tompkins was able to belt out his favorite Disney tune, and Mary Doodles successfully sketched her favorite characters. Should you look through all of the campaign videos on the Disney Parks YouTube channel, you’ll find that each one is bursting with individuality and expressiveness. Good work, Disney.

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