Regal Cinemas Hopes Vine Stars Can Get Us Into Theaters

By 11/05/2013
Regal Cinemas Hopes Vine Stars Can Get Us Into Theaters

A brand campaign from Regal Cinemas is enlisting the talent of a handful of Vine stars. The movie theater chain is behind Date Night Fails, where a hapless man commits several faux pas after inviting girls over for an in-house movie night.

The five videos are somewhat entertaining, if incredibly unsubtle. The star, both in terms of screen time and laughs, is Jason Nash, a Vine-popular comedian. Nash provides most of the energy, but his co-stars are a talented bunch as well. The other six Viners who appear in Date Night Fails–a group including the likes of Brittany Furlan and KC James–have well more than six million followers between them.

You can check out the branded series on Regal Cinemas’ YouTube channel.


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Date Night Fails is the creation of digital agency Something Massive, and the plan is to have the series’ stars continue to add to it on Vine in the coming weeks. “With emerging platforms, brands can reach new audiences while engaging with the ones they already have,” said Something Massive founder Rebecca Coleman. “For Date Night Fails, we’ve partnered with influencers to creatively tout Regal Cinemas’ movie-going experience, reach millions of consumers, and become actual content creators in the space.”

I’m not sure the logic behind enlisting stars of six-second videos to sell an experience that involves sitting still for two hours, but Vine‘s top dogs are fun and charismatic and deserve more attention, so Date Night Fails is a net positive in my book. And for what it’s worth, I’m not too fond of a night alone in some weird dude’s apartment, either. Unless that weird dude is me.

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