What would Halloween be with a generous helping of zombified walkers in search of braaaaaiiiiiins? In order to ensure there are an appropriate number of undead shamblers roaming the Internet on the United States’ spookiest day, YouTube Space LA hosted a Scream Lab during the month of October, during which creators descended on the 41,000 square foot Playa Vista facility for a change to undergo a zombie transformation.

The Scream Lab was offered by YouTube’s Next Lab experts and featured the work of the Stan Winston School. The studio’s monster makers showed up at the Space to apply zombie makeup to participating creators, who were then free to film all sorts of macabre collaborations. The results are available on channels like Third String Kicker, Murderbot, and Madatoms, and the official YouTube Space LA channel has offered up some behind-the-scenes videos to show viewers how the Stan Winston professionals created YouTube’s horde of the undead.

The zombie makeup was the star of Scream Lab, but creators weren’t required to dress up like 28 Days Later to participate. Like YouTube’s other labs, the focus was collaboration, and a number of horror videos were born during the event, including a creepy, Shining-esque short film from Olga Kay.

You can check out more of the Halloween-appropriate videos by checking out the Collaboween playlist on the Space’s channel. Don’t forgot to turn off the lights and drink enough coffee to get yourself wired. If you also need me to come up behind you and jump-scare you while you watch, just send me your address and I’ll be there in a Scream mask as soon as possible.

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