YouTube brand management company ZEFR has a long history engaging the YouTube audience (particularly through its flagship MovieClips channel), and now it wants to impart its best practices onto the rest of the business world. ZEFR has published an e-book that guides brands through the process  of engaging fans on YouTube.

The e-book is called Anatomy of a Fan, and it is available now on the ZEFR website. Anatomy of a Fan was authored by Meredith Levine, who calls herself a “Fanthropologist” and writes regularly about the masses on ZEFR’s blog.

“Our first ebook…serves as a introductory course on fan communities,” says the ZEFR write-up of Anatomy of a Fan. “It’s a must read for professionals hoping to use YouTube to understand their customers or reach more targeted audiences. When you’re finished with the book, you’ll understand what a fan community looks like, what makes a fan tick, and how the collective passion of these communities have created an overwhelming source of opportunity for brands. Choosing to ignore these communities, on the other hand, represents more than just a missed opportunity – you’ll be falling behind.”

ZEFR is among the best in the brand management business, and we’ve made it a point to share their unique and bright research with our readers. With the release of the new e-book, now we don’t have to (though we probably will anyways).

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