It has been five long, unfair months since we were last treated to a new video from Bad Lip Reading, but it’s back. Oh, is it ever back. The hysterical web series created by an anonymous member of the music industry has offered a Game of Thrones edition, in which the HBO smash hit is turned into a trailer for a wacky comedy about a ‘Medieval Land Fun-Time World‘.

Seriously, this guy is unbelievable. He was already the master of turning previously serious dialogue into a ridiculous mish-mash of half-cogent phrases, but this episode shows he can also turn those illogical ramblings into a Game of Thrones version of Adventureland or The Way, Way Back. Ned Stark serves as the timid young employee set to undergo a coming-of-age evolution, Tyrion Lannister is his ‘doesn’t play by the rules’ authority figure, and the rest of the Game of Thrones cast falls into place as the quirky cast of supporting characters. It’s brilliant. Oh, and there’s a bonus features video, too.

Watching the latest Bad Lip Reading video leaves me with four questions: Where does its creator come up with his genius ideas? What do we have to give him to cut down the interval between videos? Where can I get a ‘Medieval Land Fun-Time World’ shirt arranged to look like the Game of Thrones logo? Finally, the most important question: Does this dethrone the NFL episode as the best Bad Lip Reading ever? The jury’s still out on that one. Let me watch it 20 more times and get back to you.

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