Rhett and Link have been spitting battle raps long before they ever guest starred on Epic Rap Battles of History , and their latest video returns to the format and applies it to an age-old debate. The prominent YouTubers brought in a host of fancy tech products, a few guest stars, a couple of costumes, and a crunchy EDM-inspired backing track to help them flesh out once and for all the difference between a geek and a nerd.

I’ve never been one for the geek vs. nerd debate (I usually defer to this xkcd comic whenever someone broaches the topic), but I commend Rhett and Link for having consistent definitions. Their video characterizes nerds as a socially awkward, computer-obsessed lispesr who get to hang out with guest star Hank Green, and it defines geeks as pop culture-obsessed iPad lovers who spend way too much time on the Internet and cosplay with guest stars Meg and Trish from SourceFed instead. This dichotomy  is basically the same as those Mac vs. PC adds, only broader.

As we’ve noted before, everyone on YouTube is trying to jump into the rap battle genre thanks to Epic Rap Battles Of History‘s absurd popularity. Rhett and Link’s use of the format predates Nicepeter and EpicLloyd’s signature channel, and their latest effort is another strong one. It is bolstered by a solidbacking track from fellow YouTube creator Andrew Huang and some well-worded verbal dexterity. Hopefully, it will serve as a guide for anyone who wants to know the proper taxonomy of geeks and nerds, thus allowing us to move on as a society. Please?

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