Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld may be raking in views by showing off their tremendously cool rides, but let’s be real: 99% of Americans can’t afford ’69 Jaguars and ’62 Ford Falcons. Web series featuring classic vehicles are fun, but won’t something think of the commoners for once?

Luckily, we have Regular Car Reviews. Since its first episode close to two years ago, Regular Car Reviews has shined its spotlight on the boring, unpretentious, working-class cars driven by you and me. The channel’s anonymous narrator borrows viewer cars, takes each one out for a spin, and then delivers an accurate, funny review.

And when I say funny, I mean really funny. Regular Car Reviews takes wild, occasionally quite profane jokes and applies them to the mundane world of Lincoln Town Cars and Dodge Caravans. That being said, don’t believe for a second that the funnyman behind Regular Car Reviews isn’t qualified to critique the vehicles he reviews. He is clearly very passionate about cars and knows them from the tip of the hood to the back of the trunk.

Most recently, Regular Car Reviews took us behind the wheel of a ’95 Mazda Miada. Similarly to how our host describes his new ride, this episode is THE BEST.

Yeah! Take that, Christian von Koenigsegg! Who needs a massively expensive luxury car when you can roll around in such a rewarding, mid-range whip? I would love to give Regular Car Reviews more fodder, but seeing as how I don’t own a car, I’m passing on the responsibility to Tubefilter’s readers. If you’ve got a hopelessly mediocre vehicle, I heartily suggest firing off an e-mail. Should your old clunker get picked apart in a hilarious and concise manner, it will keep you in high spirits the next time in heads to the stop for repairs.

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