For David Choi and Mike Song, happiness is overrated. The two YouTube creators’ new project reminds us of the many amazing videos that don’t make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. They have launched Onionflix, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the content most likely to leave viewers in tears.

As they are deliberately provoking sadness, Choi and Song’s mission may seem like a sadistic one, but they have good intentions. “Onionflix is a YouTube channel and a website that has emotionally charged videos that will make you cry,” explains Choi in an introductory segment, “not the bad kind of cry, but the good kind of cry–videos that inspire you.” To me, it sounds like a job for Fred Stobaugh.

Onionflix will cull its library from a variety of sources. “Organic Onions” will be original videos from aspiring filmmakers who wouldn’t be able to get publicity for their heartrending work without the audience provided by Choi (968,000+ subscribers) and Song (184,000+ subscribers). “Raw Onions” will be partnerships between Onionflix and creators who are “consistent with the mission of Onionflix.” Finally, “Imported Onions” will be collections of particularly sad YouTube videos. Let’s reserve a spot there for Derek Redmond.

Choi and Song will be spending up to $100,000 buying videos for their new endeavor, so aspiring creators will be incentivized by both financing and exposure. With that kind of spending money, I expect Onionflix’s library to easily meet its tear-filled goals (and provide lots more fodder for Sad YouTube in the process).


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