Hey, did you know that Breaking Bad is about to air its final episode? Since access to this website requires an Internet connection, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Millions of fans are ready to send it off in style, and one Internet tribute has come from perhaps the unlikely of shows: The Annoying Orange.

The latest episode of Dane Boedingheimer‘s web series is a typically cartoony romp intended for kids, with one important difference: the entire show is themed around Breaking Bad. As producer Bob Jennings explained, “We here at Annoying Orange may be doing a kids show – but gosh darnit we love us some Breaking Bad too!” The result is an episode about a character named Walter Eggwhite who gets himself into some legal trouble in the kitchen. Again, this is coming from a web series that usually gets most of its ammo from silly fruit puns.

We learn early on in the episode that Eggwhite and his associate Messy Pinkman are cooking some incredibly spicy hot sauce (just like in the show?), with Eggwhite under duress from a gang of fellow eggs and a law enforcing slab of bacon (yeah, this is just like the actual show) while Pinkman calls everyone around him “snitches” (totally what he says in the main show). The result is one of the most audacious Annoying Orange episodes I’ve ever seen, even if it will fly over the tiny heads of its intended audience.

I’m glad the Annoying Orange team at least did their part to offer a prediction for the final episode. I now fully expect Water White and Jesse Pinkman to end up fused together as an omelet for the rest of their lives.

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