Aziz Ansari is the latest comedian to bring his work to Netflix, and the Parks and Recreation funnyman is making sure his fans get the memo. Ansari has enlisted the help of Seth Rogen, who discusses promotional tie-ins with him in a trailer for the comedy special.

In the video, released on Netflix’s official YouTube account, Ansari and Rogen think up ways they can match the success Jay-Z found when he tied-in the Samsung Galaxy mobile device to the release of his album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Rogen believes Ansari can match this success if he releases his special in bags of Bugles, but Aziz has his heart (and his stomach) set on a branded deal with Toaster Strudel. Check out the full bit below:

Ansari announced his intention to distribute via Netflix at the end of August. He explained then that it “seems like it’s the closest delivery service of media we have that actually matches up to our preferences and expectations.”

Ansari, who previously sold his Dangerously Delicious special directly to fans, is the most well-known comedian to choose Netflix as his distribution platform. When Buried Alive arrives on November 1st, it will join previous exclusives like John Hodgman’s Ragnarok in Netflix’s increasingly impressive stand-up library.

Ansari is super funny and Netflix distribution is a great choice for him, but somewhere deep down inside I’m disappointed he didn’t actually choose to distribute his special on choking hazard USB drives inside packs of bugles. Only then would be actually have been dangerously delicious.

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