YouTube’s #1 Sauce Boss is best known for his work in the kitchen, but his latest endeavor sets up in the den. Harley Morenstein, the co-founder of Epic Meal Time, has launched Original Gamer, where he and his bacon-loving bros play videos games with one another.

Something tells me Original Gamer will be a big hit, since the EMT gang’s unrelenting in-your-face attitude will translate well to the sort of histrionics needed to create a popular gaming channel. Add in Epic Meal Time‘s subscriber base (in excess of 5.6 million) and the fact that gaming channels are among the most popular ones on YouTube, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Since this is the EMT team we’re talking about, that recipe probably also has bacon in it.

Thus far, Original Gamer is home to just a single solitary video, in which Morenstein and a friend who he introduces as “Don Nutella Versace” spend seven minutes dicking around in Saints Row IV. There are some clear bumps that Morenstein will need to overcome: his volume is too low and the video could stand to be longer. Nonetheless, it’s a passable start.

A tweet from Morenstein also promises weekly giveaways on the channel.

Original Gamer represents the continued growth of the Epic Meal Time YouTube empire. With Handle It partially relegated to its own channel and Morenstein and Muscles Glasses now sporting their own personal feeds, the EMT team is showing how far you can go with a large amount of YouTube money and an even larger amount of bacon.

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