YouTubers Can Find Collaboration Partners With Channel Pages Service

By 09/12/2013
YouTubers Can Find Collaboration Partners With Channel Pages Service

A new service is aiming to power collaborations between YouTube creators hungry for cross-pollination. Channel Pages, powered by the YouTube-certified folks over at FanBridge, is a platform where YouTubers can find like-minded creators with whom they can team up.

Channel Pages looks like a dating service for video creators. Interested parties sign up and launch their own personal pages. These pages include some basic stats, demographics and word clouds based off video titles and descriptions. Users can also detail the types of collaborations they are “interested in”, which is less likely to include long walks on the beach and more likely to include items like “Description link swapping” and “promotion via social media.” Channel Pages can also set up YouTubers with brands, opening up opportunities for product integration, branded reviews, and revshare deals.

“When you talk with anyone in the YouTube ecosystem, collaborations (‘collabs’) between channels are the single best way for a channel to gain exposure and grow on the platform,” says Noah Dinkin, co-founder and President of FanBridge. “Unfortunately, until Channel Pages there was no good way to search for other channels like yourself, and then easily reach out to them to start a collaboration. The search on YouTube is keyword based and is built for end users, it doesn’t allow for searching valuable advanced criteria such as audience demographics or channel statistics that have been hidden until now.”

FanBridge will support Channel Pages by providing the site with its treasure trove of data, which will provide the service’s users with a plethora of information as they play the virtual dating game. We wish happy hunting to all YouTube collaboration bachelors.