Last September, ‘Gangnam Style‘ was blowing up on YouTube, raking in views by the tens of millions and causing fans all over the world to start riding invisible horses. A year later, a Norwegian duo has released a ridiculous music video that could become YouTube’s next viral hit. Brothers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker, known together as Ylvis, are the creative minds behind ‘The Fox‘, an absurd song-and-dance number.

Before we get into the reasons why ‘The Fox’ could strike YouTube gold, give it a watch. And before you ask ‘Are these guys for real?’ keep in mind that Ylvis are actually comedians, not serious musicians.

Obviously, this glorious video has many things in common with ‘Gangnam Style’. Let’s make a list:

  • The international factor. Like Psy, Ylvis are established performers in their home country, so they have a chance to capture the world’s attention, not just America’s.
  • The song itself is utterly ridiculous but oddly catchy. You could add it to a workout playlist, jam to it while driving, or play it at a party (if you’re feeling particularly bold).
  • Nothing helps spread the word like a silly dance routine that goes along with the chorus.
  • Just as Psy rode an imaginary horse, Bård and Vegard act like imaginary foxes. People on the Internet love their animals, even if they aren’t real.

At the time of posting, just two days after its release, ‘The Fox’ has already racked up 529,000 views. It hasn’t exploded like ‘Gangnam Style‘ just yet, but it has potential. Considering that each viral trend is bigger than the one before, don’t be surprised if, two months from now, everyone on the street is making ridiculous ‘fox noises’.

Oh, and for the record–foxes sound like this.

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