Get Lucky‘ has been remixed once again, and this time, an absolute avalanche of YouTubers are joining in. A YouTube creator named TheThirdPew has released the second annual installment of ‘YouTube Sings‘, where YouTube creators sing Daft Punk’s smash hit one word at a time.

The video is constructed Barack’s Dubs-style, with TheThirdPew finding a YouTube video that matches each word of the song. The most impressive part of YouTube Sings, however, is not its methodology but its breadth. There are an incredible numbers of YouTubers featured, to the point that your favorite channel is almost certain to be represented. TheThirdPew clearly ascribes to the Pokemon school of video production: You gotta catch ’em all.

TheThirdPew completed a similar experiment last year by bringing together hundreds of YouTubers for a rendition of ‘Call Me Maybe‘. His ‘YouTube Sings’ videos have a certain encapsulating quality to them, and they serve as homemade versions of YouTube’s yearly rewinds. I don’t think TheThirdPew will rack up 124 million views, but his sophomore ‘YouTube Sings’ effort deserves a lot more than 25,000.

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