Devin Super Tramp’s Latest Stunt Video For Ford Is Certifiably Insane

By 08/28/2013
Devin Super Tramp’s Latest Stunt Video For Ford Is Certifiably Insane

In his newest video, Devin Super Tramp (real name Devin Graham) walks a fine line. The YouTube stuntman teamed up with Ford, erected a highline across a canyon, and went slacklining with a few of his friends.

For those unfamiliar with slacklining, it is basically tightrope walking on a bouncy cord without any support other than a climbing harness. Even though this practice is completely safe, Graham and his friends still appear as if they are all going to fall to their deaths. Instead, as with the human slingshot and giant swing videos, the slackers all complete the death-defying task without a scratch, and the viewer is treated to some impressive landscape filmography.

The slacklining video is the result of a partnership between Devin Super Tramp and Ford, through which the channel’s thrill-seeking denizens have been asked to film as many crazy outdoor activities as they can complete on one tank of gas. Previously, Graham used his Ford money for a crazy longboarding video.

“For this video they gave me a Ford Explorer, and one tank a gas, to see what adventure we could go on,” explains Graham in the slacklining video description. “With this one I got my friends from the rope swinging videos who are also pro highliners (it’s like tight roping, but without the pole), and took over Moab Utah for the day.”

Graham is taking suggestions to help decide what #OneTankAdventure he and his friends will go on next. Personally, I’m still irrationally worried about their safety. How about a one tank adventure where Graham plays a particularly thrilling game of solitaire?