A fairly new channel is crossing two of the most popular genres on YouTube–video game parodies and prank videos–to hilarious effect. French channel ParodiePub.fr has made a splash with Blanka Is A Troll and Chun-Li Is Jealous, a pair of web series where Street Fighter characters are strategically inserted into viral videos so that they appear to cause epic fails with their martial arts moves.

These videos join fads like the Harlem Shake and Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal in the ‘kind of hard to explain but incredibly easy to understand once you watch it’ category, so go ahead and check out ParodiePub’s latest effort, the first (and thus far only) Chun-Li version.

If these Street Fighter characters are causing all of these fails, who knows what other videos they are responsible for? Was the ‘Creak The Ice Dude‘ actually thrown by Zangief? Was this fella running from an onrushing M. Bison? Was the ‘Star Wars Kid‘ locked in an epic struggle with Ryu? ParodiePub’s French website provides no answers, but we’d like to think the answer is “Of course!”

ParodiePub’s crown jewel is a very simple concept executed flawlessly, and fans have quickly flocked to it. The channel’s self-described “Pick a troll, pick some fails, mix them up” formula has already scored in the millions, with many more views on the way. If ParodiePub wants its mischievous Street Fighter characters to become an even bigger hit, the way forward is clear: Make like Jerome Jarre and create lots and lots of French Vine videos.

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