Newser’s Video Grid Brings Users The Day’s Top Stories On Demand

By 08/27/2013
Newser’s Video Grid Brings Users The Day’s Top Stories On Demand

There are thousands of news videos hitting the Internet every day, so how do we know which ones are worth our time and which ones are only going to talk about a pop star shaking her butt? Two similarly-named news companies have teamed up to provide consumers with an answer. Those companies are Newsy and Newser, and they will work together to provide the former’s library of top videos with the latter’s distribution platform.

Newsy is best known for its award-winning website and mobile app, which curate top news stories from a number of different publications, including The New York Times, Fox News, The Guardian, and CNET. Newsy’s philosophy revolves around its ability to provide users with a variety of different viewpoints while simultaneously eliminating the need to seek out particular sources.

Newser, on the other hand, previously focused on top news writing, which it arranged in a signature grid for maximum ease of use. By arranging Newsy’s videos into their own personal grid, Newser is combining that site’s top quality with its own superior accessibility.


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“Newsy is the perfect solution to our video challenge,” explained Newser President Kate Seamons in a press release. “We’ve long wanted to bring exceptional video content to our readers, but struggled to find a partner who understood our very specific approach to delivering the news. Newsy doesn’t just get it, it does it, and we’re thrilled to offer its short but thorough videos to our readers.”

There’s already plenty of video on the Newser grid, so get exploring. You might actually learn something.

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